A GIF of me.

It is my birthday next week. I never actually understood what birthdays are meant for. They say it’s a celebration of the fact that a person was born. It’s a celebration of who they are and the relationships they share with other people. Probably that is the reason people celebrate their birthdays with their loved… More A GIF of me.

Stay or Leave.

It is so quiet sometimes. The silence seems to drill a hole so deep, incessantly, for long hours and my ears bleed. I miss your laughter. I miss the way you whispered into my ears even when no one was around, breaking the silence in the most glorious way I’ve ever known. The darkness of… More Stay or Leave.

“What’s that one thing you wish you knew as a freshman?”

A new beginning is the end of an old one. I love starting over. The uncertainties, the joy of being lost in the unknown, discovering the blood and flesh one is made up of, and appreciating the beauty in the chance of becoming what one aspires to be. We are made up of strings of several… More “What’s that one thing you wish you knew as a freshman?”