30 Days.


30 days to go.

What do 30 days even amount to? They say a lot can happen in 30 days.

How did the time just fly by? I remember every detail of the first day in college. August 9, 2011. Cloudy day. I hadn’t seen these many new faces before in my entire life. The feeling was undeniably beautiful. What if I say I want to relive the entire 4 years of my college life in these 30 days? I want it to freeze.I want to walk down memory lane. Feel every fit of rage, tear of sorrow, smile of content, shiver from excitement. All the emotions that have filled the blank spots that these four years would have otherwise been.. 

I always hated my college. Always wanted to get out of here. It is definitely a sh*thole in more ways than you could imagine. Simply put, it sucked. But then, stars can’t shine without darkness.There were moments when you screamed your lungs out of sheer happiness and thought to yourself that nothing, absolutely nothing could match up the finesse of that moment. 

I remember when two of my wonderful classmates got me a rose on ‘Rose Day’ because nobody gave me one in my first year. And when I got drunk and danced on top of the table in class because it was Teachers’ day. Or when these two  super juniors wrote me a poem on my birthday as a gift. Or when the boy I liked held my hand for the very first time and it felt like a million butterflies sucker punched the doubt out of me. I remember eating at the mess and calling the food ‘potty’ wile eating it and also searching for maggi in the hostel at 2 a.m. and finding it. It’ll kind of suck if I start listing down all the little, delightful memories I have in this place. I may cry too. So I’ll ditch that. 

The Poetry. Thank You. You know who you are. :)
The Poetry. Thank You. You know who you are. 🙂

There is an air of uneasiness in uncertainty and transitions. One moment you’re living in this defined space of your L-shaped room and in another, you’re somewhere else reeling with realisation of the fact that it’s, all over. There is no going back.

The different shades of the L- shaped room.
The different shades of the L- shaped room.

The date on my calendar is a constant reminder of this never going back. 

Not only will I miss the same wanted and even unwanted faces around me every waking moment but also the time we get to spend doing nothing will be inexistent. Out of my 4 years here, I could testify to having spent two doing just about zilch. It was fun. I have no regrets. I believe one grows multi-dimensionally while doing the things they aren’t ought to do. I also believe that people simply work their asses off just to do nothing and live in peace later. 

BUT I JUST GOT  30 DAYS OF THAT LEFT. I am in line of becoming a typical Indian who works a 9 to 5 job that she hates and cribs about over the weekend. How bleak is my future. (I am freaking out. Chill.)

I don’t want to end this post. I want to tell the world that chilling is the coolest thing ever. Everyone must take several moments and just chill.

Watch a movie. Hog on food. Cook. Have a beer. Make some love. Take a vacation. Get out in the Sun. Get tanned (kidding).

Ok bye. May the 4th be with you.


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