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”What’s that one thing you wish you knew as a freshman?”

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A new beginning is the end of an old one. I love starting over. The uncertainties, the joy of being lost in the unknown, discovering the blood and flesh one is made up of, and appreciating the beauty in the chance of becoming what one aspires to be.

We are made up of strings of several different stories. Imagine being able to watch someone’s life like it were a movie. What do you think you’ll see?

On a particularly windy night — amidst the longest sabbatical — I asked a question to some of my favorite people to get a glimpse of their story.

“What’s that one thing you wish you knew as a freshman?”

I was elevated by the response I received. As a new pass out myself, I could relate to most of the thoughts they shared. That I now share with you:

Zarina Sani → “I wish someone had told me time would go by so fast. I would have spent more time being myself and less time trying to fit in!”

Tanul Thakur → “That life is wonderful if you learn to take risks. And that the brand of your college or company is pretty much meaningless — you are who you are and, depending on who you are, that can either be a boon or a bane. And the concept of first love lasting forever is, well, a bunch of horseshit.”

SB → “You will survive. Just stay young, wild and free.”

Sankalp Singh → “If I would have known that education is fake and just used for grabbing degrees to increase your salary, I would have treated education differently.”

Pallavi Juneja → “I wish I had consumed less information and produced more. As in, I used to read a little too much about different things but never really give anything back, you know?”

Thankam Scott Ma’am → “One thing I was thinking about my college days was if only I knew the purpose of me being there. I could have done better in my life. I wish I had some orientation to give me a direction in my life.”

Avi Singh Gehlot → “I wish I knew that I’m no less than a rich pretty chick every guy drools over. That I’ll get cooler day after day. That the things I’m crying about today won’t matter tomorrow. That the cute boy in class is so not my type. That the failed relationship I am crying about today will be a bittersweet memory to cherish later. That hangovers are not meant to be regretted. That clinging onto friend is a way of life. “

Mayank Singh → “Nothing. I do not want a single change in my college experience. I do not wish to have had some prior knowledge or idea about anything. Somethings are not to be fiddled with. They are amazing just the way they are.”

Atul Dev → “That it’s all a fucking joke.”

Abhishek Thakur → “One thing I wish I knew as a freshman would be that time flies by very quickly. I would have planned to do a lot more than I did in these four years.”

Mayur Bhave → “College will fly by. These four years go by incredibly fast, so make the most of them. After all, when else will you be able to wear shorts every day, attend epic parties, have access to unlimited internet and sleep until noon? Also, it’s the only time in life when you’ll be surrounded with thousands of people your own age, and last step before you begin the rest of your life, so enjoy it while you can. TIP: While in college, Do NOT mix your drinks.”

Gitanjali Chhetri → “I wish I had utilised all my time during the semester holidays doing internships in different places. Internships make you learn new things and explore your interests. You get to travel to different places, live independently and make new friends. I wish I had known that you don’t have to wait till your final semester to discover the world outside.”

Utsav Shah → “I wish I had known that Amity is a shitty place”

Aniket Hardikar → “I wish I knew myself better so that I could utilise my time, energy and money in the direction where I had to walk my entire life. If I knew that I had to be a Musician I would have studied music instead of engineering. I am studying it now but I wish I had started five years back.”

Indu Vakharia → “Sex before marriage is not a sin and having sex with more than one person is not one either. Drinking doesn’t get you killed or raped. Blow jobs aren’t degrading. Men are bastards. They are selectively nice to a few people who they consider a part of their fraternity.”

Akshat Gandhi → “One thing I wish I had known would be that the management and faculty at Amity are just for name sake. They don’t do shit for students and if you want to do something here then you are on your own from the very start till the very end until of course you bribe the management emotionally, spiritually, economically, or in any other mode you can think of.”

Abhishek Gunawat → “Pointers [grades] are important. Ask the final year students rather than asking second or third year students. Also, if one can learn to manage their time well, things will flow smoothly.”

Dhaarmesh → “Kya bolun yaar, I knew everything.”

Akhil Mevada → “I came from home to follow my dreams but as time passed, going home became a dream. Advice to all the freshman would be to not breakdown while chasing the fruits. Always look up for inspiration and gather strength from your roots. Be original and feel free because everyone around is as nervous and excited as you are.”

Narendra Singh → “I wish I had more exposure to extracurricular activities that could have helped me in developing my overall personality like theater, blogging, painting etc. I wish I had known about AIESEC and joined it earlier.”

Anubhav Prasad → “One thing I wish I had known is whether my dream was just a dream or wishful thinking. Being a fresher gives you an opportunity to start afresh. It’s simple. Nobody knows your past. You can be anyone you want to be. Maybe I should have known that even if I change the surface, the elemental base of my personality would remain the same. You may end up becoming the good, bad or ugly of your true existence. I wish I knew that ‘The Fun’ as a fresher would soon end like your childhood does. Metamorphosis is a hard truth.”

CR → “I wish I would have known how to make friends for life. Also I wish I had spent my time learning how to dance or paint or sing.”

Nandini Narayanan → “Where all the nice food joints are.”

Alankrit Sharma → “Well I personally feel I should’ve known more about the subjects I was going to be studying in my course as I used to think I was doing what I wanted to do but because I was ignorant I found myself not enjoying my course and subsequently I lost interest and quit the same.”

Shruti Acharya → “I wish I knew that I was too young for holding, rather having regrets. It’s always good to make mistakes as long as you are keeping notes of the lessons you get along with that and you have the zest to live in the moment.”

Tarhub asgher → “I wish I had chosen my subjects wisely.”

Pallav Kothari → “If I knew that time turns around and gives everybody a chance, a shot a success and happiness, I would have let my guard down.”

Nishant Ranjan → “I wish I knew how one maintains their budget and how to manage stress better. I also wish I knew how one has to deal with the college faculties. They are a tough nut to crack.”

Satyaki Maiti → “Nothing is for certain and the only thing you can count on during this point in your life is change. Take risks. If you don’t like something — change it, if something doesn’t interest you — don’t do it. There’s always option B. It’s always better to be a happy artist than being a frustrated engineer. So if you think it’s a stupid decision to drop out of IIT and join fine arts just because the world you say so — they are wrong. Do what your heart says. Don’t just be alive, live your life.”

Prakhar Bhatt → “If I had known that college days will pass this fast, I would have lived every moment of my college life a little more. I would have done much more of going out with friends, would have spent more time at JP, would have played more of counter strike and studied a little more than I did.”

Shreya Chandra – “I wish I would be more outspoken and clever to handle the things going around me because it’s always ‘I’ not ‘US’.”

Prashali Yadav → “I wish I had known that at the end all that’s going to matter is the memories that I’ll cherish so I wouldn’t have ended up wasting my time overthinking the trivial things.”

Tabish Khan → “Weed smoking friends will never spare you. You will eventually end up smoking up… with them.”

Sunayna Dutt → “I wish if I had known that I would find someone who would complete me and the perfect supplementary angle in the geometry of my life would be a doctor, I would have kept my self more prepped up.”

Harsh Sharma → “I wish I had never got to know the people around like how I know them now because the more you know someone, the harder it is the detachment.”


Food for thought?


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