Interior Design

10 Ways You Can Live Stylishly On Any Budget

Time, money, imagination and inspiration — these are the four factors that determine the style that one may embrace to create their beautiful home. More often than not, the designing of the coveted interiors is by no means a cakewalk. Right from picking up the apt furniture to choosing the art that occupies the big, empty wall in the hallway — everything requires tons of research and investment in terms money and time.

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” — Andre Putman. To hit the right balance, one must be aware of what may or may not work, collectively. The elements, colour palette, pattern layering, proportions and shapes must all come together in harmony to shape our homes. It is also extremely essential to give emphasis to the details because those are what make the design, after all.

We are listing down 10 ways how you can live stylishly on any budget irrespective of how much space — big or small — you have to yourself! Let us have a look.

1) Let your furniture do the talking!

Whether your living room is a sprawling space with exotic wooden flooring or a tiny room with neutral walls, a decent sized, bright sofa would completely change the look of your room. You can choose to let it sit by itself and look pretty or compliment it with contrasting throw pillows and cushion.


2) Splash of bold statement pieces.

An interesting touch can easily be imparted with bold wallpapers, eclectically colour blocked cabinets & chairs or a huge wall clock. Remember, you got to be careful about not overdoing it and keeping the rest of the elements either neutral or of contrasting shades.


3) Do not ignore the corners.

A corner is a divine gift in terms of decor hacks. “Addressing (and dressing) your corners adds depth to your room and actually makes it feel bigger because it brings your eye further into the space.” — Emily Handerson, an L.A.-based interiors stylist, told Refinery29. Accented chairs, poufs, gallery wall, candles, statement vases and flowers — corners are fun to decorate and make a huge impact too.

source | sourcesource

4) Less is more.

Keep it simple. Keep it minimal. Think about oreo when you decide on the colours for minimalistic interiors. This is a ‘zen’ way of interiors and is a great choice for those who are looking for a clutter-free home.


5) Let one thing shine on.

To add an intriguing glam to your space, opting for one statement piece or thing is a very smart option. Keep the rest of the elements in the scene neutral or earthy to make it pop out.


6) Place all you curios together.

Well, we think this a brilliant idea. A space dedicated just to showcase your collectives from all that travelling and all those pretty gifts you received from your friends. Turning your vacation shots into wall art isn’t a bad option either.


7) Work on a colour palette.

It is always a good idea to stick to one colour palette. It looks and feels more harmonious and renders a distinctive look to your place.


8) Occupy the entire vertical place.

Covering the vertical space entirely will give some depth and ethereal feel to your room. Either in the form of shelves, tall plants or ladders with intertwined fairy lights.


9) Use portable furniture.

Make use of furniture that saves space and lets you use it in multifarious ways. It looks unique and saves one ample of space.


10) Finally, don’t shy away from hiring a Designer.

If you are looking for a complete transformation which is out of the box and looks like a work of art, we’d say go for a designer. Get your space planned out and fill it with the right kind of furniture within the budget you desire.


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