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DIY – Jar Candle

As a child, I’ve always seen my mother surrounded by candles, flowers and everything pretty. She rests her faith in the power of positive vibes and finds herself to be most creative in an environment that’s beautiful. I second that. So for my first DIY Project, I decided to make this gorgeous potpourri-inspired, candle-in-a-jar which brings together all those elements that transform a house into a beautiful home.

Stuff you’ll need

What you’ll need :

• Glass Jar

• PotPourri Pink Strawberry 100G

• PotPourri Purple Lavender 100G
• Craft Glue

• Scissors

• Golden Ribbon (Gota)

• Scented Candles

How to make it:

  • Take a glass jar of the size you desire. You could either buy one or use the old jars at your home.
  • Use the dry leaf from the PotPourri pack and stick it onto the glass jar using a craft glue (or feviquick alternatively) to create a peeping window-like-frame for your candle inside.
  • Now pick up the PotPourri pieces one after the other and patiently glue them around the leaf first and slowly cover the entire jar with them.
  • Once that is done and dusted, take the golden ribbon or gota and cut it slightly greater than the circumference of the neck of the jar just enough to be able to tie it into a bow around it.
  • Also, make sure the breadth of the ribbon matched that of the neck of the jar.
  • Fix the golden ribbon using the craft glue and tie it into a neat bow.

Place the scented candle into your jar and there you have it, simple and so pretty. I think this little jar candle would fit perfectly in any corner of your home. They’d surely make the best gifts too. I definitely wouldn’t mind receiving one! What do you think?

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