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Bright colours, beautiful pieces and lots of warmth surrounds the Bakshi’s. Their source of positive energy changes with the season of their lives but the intensity of it is never compromised. Located in the calm and serene society of Vikas Kunj, Delhi, their cozy house proves that one doesn’t need a lot of space to create a welcoming, multidimensional expanse where dreams come true.

The charm of this wonderful home is reflected beautifully by its creators, a family of four — Mr. Bakshi, Mrs. Bakshi and their two sons, Abhimanyu and Anubhav, who have taken care of every intricate detail with love synonymous of a mother’s and their home being the child, it is so evidently conspicuous.

Come, Take a look!

Watch this video to have a better look at their abode.

“It is small but it’s perfect and just the right size. When it comes to big houses, cleanliness and maintenance is a big issue. At our age, when we are turning 50, and are working, we wouldn’t want to come home and clean the house. We would want someone to be there and help us out. But with a small house, we can do it ourselves, we don’t need an entire entourage to help us.” says the lively Mrs. Bakshi, who happens to love the company of kids and has served as a teacher for several years and now manages a cafeteria at a prominent school in Delhi.

It was so soothing to see how all those details, each with their own little tale to tell, had been put together so harmoniously. Everything seemed to fuse flawlessly with another.

The impeccable doll set. The dragons from Thailand. The plate with the picture of the ship in which the British came to India. The cups Abhimanyu bought from the airport whose box had an interesting piece of history written over it. And the tea sets from Russia and China, everything was absolutely exquisite and shiny like a brand new piece of jewellery. “My parents love tea, they drink it five times a day.” says Abhimanyu with all the seriousness that he could possibly muster.

“Me and my husband are passionate about decorating our house. Normally both of us go shopping but won’t buy something until and unless it hits the bull’s eye. We can get a little choosy but then that is how we are.”

When asked about her source of inspiration for decorating her place, Mrs Bakshi says,“My inspiration comes from within me. Just keep your place clean and unique. It has to spic and span. Like how one has a body that they get from God and you have the responsibility to take care of it, the same thing applies to your home as well. I also derive inspiration from hotels and professional pictures. It is completely dependent on how you feed your eyes which are accustomed to see beautiful things around. It has to be colourful and cozy.”

“We have been in this society for as long as I remember. I was born in a different house in the same society but we moved in this house in 2000. This drawing room was actually the garage earlier, we took the place and converted into a drawing room. And the living room was actually a bedroom.” Abhimanyu said.

“All this stuff is pure crystal from Russia. Some of these things are Limited Edition like the Big Beer container. My father used to travel to Russia back in the 90’s and the 2000’s and at that point of time he was working for first logistics Indo-Russian Venture. He used to travel a lot and he used to buy a lot of alcohol and a lot of stuff related to alcohol and the irony is that my Dad does not drink. He literally cannot have more than two beers. He is a curator. He loves to collect because he’s fascinated with the bottles and the packing. Fun Fact: In Russia they don’t have 30 or 60 ml, they have 50 and 100 so that’s actually a patiala and super patiala.” says Abhimanyu amusingly.

Abhimanyu and his mother then got this huge tub of toys. The Dino Clan, the Vilma from the The Flintstones and so many other. Nostalgic indeed. “Everytime their dad came back from Russian, even if these kids were deep asleep late at night or early in the morning, they’d know their dad is here and would jump like monkeys just for these chocolate eggs called KinderJoy.” Mrs Bakshi tells me laughingly.

“I and my dad, we love watching movies. My dad used to come to Delhi from Ambala just to watch movies, back in the days. I always wanted a home theatre but I always thought that my house is too small for it. Last year when me and my mum were travelling to Bangalore for 10 days to see my brother, Anubhav, I asked my dad to get the home theatre constructed after I had already pitched the idea to him earlier. And he got it done! It costed us around ₹5 Lakhs but it was definitely worth it. These recliner are the same as the Director’s seat. Mother India is my mom’s favourite and Rush is mine. My dad really like The Good, Bad and Ugly and hence the ongoing cowboy theme.” Abhimanyu explains.

The Home Theatre was certainly something to die for but the washroom of the home theatre took the centre stage. The ceiling posters, the crafty little things, the movie poster, the restroom didn’t look like a restroom to me. Mind Blown!

Abhimanyu’s Bedroom was equally well equipped as the rest of the house with statement pieces which were indeed a delight to look at. Abhimanyu happens to be a very creative person himself, which he says he got from his parents. He also derives his inspiration from Pinterest, Etsy and other sites like those.

“I am trying to make this charging box out of a shoe box. I am still yet to personalise it. I like to make things myself rather than buying it.”

“Even with the bottle lamp,I wanted to this specific comic book lamp which I could have bought for about ₹2500 but then I couldn’t find it online. The one I found was for about 5 grands so I just made one.”

“My parents are big time gardeners so thats why it is in my blood to buy things for the house but then I also love to make things. I like to make things myself rather than buying it.” says Abhimanyu gleefully.

Whilst it rained cats and dogs that evening in Delhi, Abhimanyu told me that he and his Dad are Bikers from heart. They love their Bikes. Hence the garage was decorated with so much finesse that manifested absolute ethereal joy. “We built these biker-themed-cabinets from scratch. We are very handy people. We love to make thing.” Abhimanyu tells.

We would like to thank the Bakshi’s for this incredible House tour. It was truly a delight.

We hope you guys loved it as much. We look forward to sharing another home visit with you soon and we hope you consider leaving a little note here on this post, sharing any thoughts you might have about this beautiful, inspiring space. It means a lot to us!

Credits// Photography: Priyadarshi Kinth.

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