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| The Rental Series : 10 ways to transform the boring walls of your rented apartment |

When I first moved into my rented house in Delhi, I was way preoccupied to notice how sad and dull the walls of my new room looked like. There wasn’t enough time to think over some easy and economical ideas to give it a makeover of my liking. I, although, knew this had to change soon because I wanted to come home to home. My Den. A cozy little space that makes me feel at ease and speaks to me.

There are so many of us living in rented houses, PGs and Hostels for long spans of time, missing out on the luxury of living at home and falling short on ways to give our rented spaces the look and the feel that reflects us.

Not anymore. Welcome to The Rental Series. Hereby, we’ll be listing out several ways in which you could give your temporary place a beautiful makeover without causing any damage to the property.

First up: Walls!


1. Geometric patterns don’t just make a classy statement but they are also in vogue. Craft this stunning headboard with the colours that you fancy. Inexpensive and impressive, it’ll quietly hang on your wall without spoiling it.


2. Fancy stylish and sophisticated hotel rooms? You could turn yours into one! This exquisite headboard might take little bit of hard work but it can completely change the way the rest of your room looks like. PS: You can get this made too and carry it wherever you shift next.


3. Now this is definitely something. If you are just way too lazy to do anything, pick up you mum’s old, but pretty duppatta (stole) and hang it above your bed. Simple, and costs nothing.



4. Hex wall art is slowly gaining popularity because even though it takes time, it is sure not as elaborate or complex as the wow factor would assume. You could incorporate floral prints, loads of glitter, or even The Justice League, whatever suits your style.


5. This is my favourite. When I stumbled upon this idea, I was sold. If you are a kind of a person who loves having friends over, party and glitter is your middle name, then you must have one of this hanging in my room.


6. Nothing can get easier or cheaper than this! You can use these DIY dots to cover one entire wall or just a little area, whatever you desire.



7. Whenever I look at something like this, I think of old, vintage restaurants from the 1800’s and I love the feel of those. If you do too, get all your favourite old pictures, art and absolutely anything and get them all framed. Arrange them later, as you like it.


8. This is similar to the one above but here you can go ahead and hang your favourite things too and not just the frames. Whether it’s a hat, your treasured necklace or even just your house keys. Anything, like I said.


9. Compliment your Wall of Fame with a mirror! Mirrors never lie and also never fail to look pretty just about anywhere.



10. If your budget doesn’t allow you to get your favourites framed, do not worry. Get some double tape and fix them on your wall in any fashion. You could also enhance the way they look by outlining them with washi tapes that you can easily find in any craft store nearby.


11. If you are a kind of a person who likes the idea of randomness, then you could go with something like this. Cover the entire wall with absolutely everything you like. Remember, it is not a one-time thing — it is a process. And it’s more fun like that.


12. If you just don’t wanna do anything, I got something for you. Get home a huge poster and cover up your entire wall with it. Looks amazing, promise!



13. If you have the liberty to use wallpapers, you must. Most of these can be easily installed and removed as well without damaging the walls.


14. Add dollops of oomph to your walls with this simple yet stylish black and white wallpaper. You would definitely never regret this one.


15. I am in love with this wallpaper. It is so subtle yet stands out like nothing else. Perfect for people who like to keep it simple and sober.


I hope you give these a try and make your living space a homely feel to it.

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