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Where do you find that inspiration to create an extravagant and stylish space? A Tasteful, well-curated homely ambience that screams YOU. Perhaps a little from the Magazines, a bit from the blogs and definitely a lot from your dearest — Pinterest.

Your house is your story. The things you love, your memorabilia, your bunch of crazies, your heart — all contained in this beautiful place called home. This series is set to unveil the living spaces of Delhiites and their stories; people like you and me. Those who have instinctively reckoned what makes their dwellings mirror the essence of their true self, whether it’s an apartment, a standalone house or even just their room!

Hereafter, we’ll be featuring a ‘House Of Delhi’ every week. We hope you find them to be as inspirational as we do!

On the 13th of July, while the rain battered the roof like a hail of bullets, we somehow managed to make it to Shubhneet Kohli’s sprawling two-storey apartment in Mehrauli. The way to his apartment is a tad bit deceptive but once you’re in, you wouldn’t wanna leave.

Shubhneet Kohli, a young entrepreneur born and brought up in Delhi, is a die-hard lover of the city. He, along with his family, has created this eclectic interior that is both welcoming and in vogue. It’s actually an Airbnb house for now where guests from all over the world come to stay. Shubhneet is a super host with 5-star reviews on the same. He started off with Airbnb because of his mother. He thought she’d make an exceptionally great host.

“Initially, I was a little skeptical about having the apartment here because the location isn’t the finest. The view from the terrace, although, is brilliant. The archeological park, Qutub Minar, ruins of ancient forts and the beautiful apartment itself make up for the location.” Shubhneet explained. “In Mehrauli lies a treasure trove of historic sights to satisfy the spirit. It is one of the oldest areas of Delhi and possess the true flavour of the city.” he added.

These classy movie posters in his place have an interesting story behind them. Shubhneet happened to spot one of these at a shop in GK-1, M-Block. While checking out the poster, he found an inscription on the back which read, ‘I DID THIS’ along with a phone number under it. Being a movie enthusiast, he called up the number and got in touch with the man, who’s based in Kolkata and designs these posters. Then all he had to do is tell him the exact scene he wanted from his favourite movies and that’s all. Who said magic isn’t real?

Shubhneet’s stunning terrace garden is home to a variety of flowers, plantations, creepers, colours and statement pieces with a vintage feel to them. As soon as you enter the garden, the majestic view leaves you dazed. The antique chairs and tables impart that “vintage glam” to the garden.

What is your favourite spot in the house?

“Definitely the terrace garden. Mr Sehgal, the ex-CEO of Philip Morris and my neighbour, shares the garden space with us. He has made a major contribution to the way the garden looks and feels. He lives a royal life and extravagance is his thing. And hence, the lavish garden. He gets all the plantations from his farmhouse, keeps making unique additions and improvising from time to time.”

Ample seating, gorgeous lights, colours and greenery in all its glory, the views and the immense peace — sometimes it’s the small details that make the most impact.

What is the best way to know your neighbours?

“Go for a walk. Explore the galis. Cycle. Play in different parks. It is sad how parents today are overprotective of their kids. But that is also because of the image of Delhi they have in their minds. I, as a kid, have travelled in all kinds of transports on my own and that is how I got to know the feel of the city. There is something so mystic and beautiful about Delhi and it’s people.One must always try to keep it alive and never stop exploring.”

Any secrets about the city you think we should know about?

“One of the secrets would be Jamali-Kamali, a haunted place right in the middle of the archeological park. The other would be Dramz Whisky Bar. They sell all kinds of whisky but do not promote themselves because they are happy with their own secret clientele.”

Thank you Shubhneet for the lovely tour.

We look forward to sharing another home visit with you soon and we hope you consider leaving a little note here on this post, sharing any thoughts you might have about this beautiful, inspiring space. It means a lot!

Photography: Priyadarshi Kinth.

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