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Houses Of Delhi — Nikhila Ahuja’s| The Cake Lady’s Bedroom|

Nikhila Ahuja is the epitome of liveliness. This Delhi based cake artist and an MBA in Marketing firmly believes that if one’s desire is strong enough, they can turn even their biggest, craziest dreams into reality. Just like she did. “Annie, my partner, and I — together in this sinful crime — are home bakers. They say creativity is a way of life, we made it ours.” she tells me gleefully.

“Life is best lived with simplicity.”

From the moment you step into her bedroom, you feel like you already know her. Her space is impeccably appointed and has this creative charm and warmth despite being simplistic.

“This room was a dump room until five years back, when I decided to tell my dad that I wanted a separate room to myself, because all the other rooms were otherwise connected. We were anyway wasting this space so why not utilise it. It took me around five months to push my dad into getting this room done up. Finally, we called an architect and told him what we wanted the room to look like. The designs he had made were way too jazzy for my taste. So we redesigned it to our preference which was something very basic, simple, and subtle. I and my dad were involved in each and every step. We kept giving our inputs at all points of time till we finally came up with this design.”

The pretty little things in her room add oodles to the fun quotient of her personality. Whether it’s the vintage-y miniature cabinet she got from The Tip Top market in Karol Bagh or a miniature tea set which she found beautifully wrapped in an old drawer that her Badi Amma had got for her from Bangkok years ago.

What caught the attention of my wandering eyes (like they do when in a wonderland), was the fabulous and colourful vision board. She had a number of pictures of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani on it along with lots of notes, personal pictures, Christmas bells, little lady-bug-thumbtacks that one of her friends got for her from London and a special date. So Prettaay!

“A lot of these ideas came from Bollywood movies. I am a die hard fan of romantic bollywood movies. All my friends tell me that I am DDLJ [Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge] personified. This cage is actually inspired by Konkana Sen’s huge cage from the movie, Wake Up Sid. I wanted the same but couldn’t find it so, I got this miniature version of it.”

“The Butterflies, the message in the bottle, all infuse marvellously well rendering an aura of fairytales, which also played an immense role for giving the room its persona.”

“I am very fond of cozy homes. Like very very fond of them. The only thing I miss in this room is an attached bath and a little kitchen otherwise this is my house for me. It gives me space to do my own cakework too. I bake in the kitchen but all the creative play of it takes place right here.”

Perfecting the art of personalising and detailing, Nikhila’s room had these endless little surprises that didn’t cease to amaze as I browsed through the nooks and crannies. The customised “whatsapp-kiss-smiley” cushion, the paper weight tortoise, the gorgeous lights embellishing one of the alcove of her room (from Chandigarh), The “Best friend” flower that she bought for herself, her memory drawer which was more like a treasure box.

“I love reading books. I am reading four of them right now. What To Say To Yourself When You Talk To Yourself — Shad Helmstetter, The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships by Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks and The Power Is Within You by Louise L. Hay.”

Thank you Nikhila for glorifying a few moments of our lives with this lovely bedroom tour.

We look forward to sharing another home visit with you soon and we hope you consider leaving a little note here on this post, sharing any thoughts you might have about this beautiful, inspiring space. It means a lot to us!

Credits// Author: Era Tangar. Photography: Priyadarshi Kinth.

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