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Stay Or Leave.

It is so quiet sometimes.

The silence seems to drill a hole so deep, incessantly, for long hours and my ears bleed.

I miss your laughter. I miss the way you whispered into my ears even when no one was around, breaking the silence in the most glorious way I’ve ever known.

The darkness of the night becomes a pathetic shroud that consumes me entirely.

I’d be okay with that only if I could feel your body around mine.

I don’t like this silence or this darkness but they are the same before I’d met you.

I loved them, then.

How do I erase you completely so I could fall in love with the night again?

The silence so soothing, the darkness so endless.

Please leave if you have to or come back.

I don’t mean to sound needy but I want to love again. Something or someone.

I want to fall in love so hard. I want to feel alive again.


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