I am not this pretty in real life. Snapchat filters are amazing. I love technology. #magicisreal

It is my birthday next week.

I never actually understood what birthdays are meant for.

They say it’s a celebration of the fact that a person was born.

It’s a celebration of who they are and the relationships they share with other people.

Probably that is the reason people celebrate their birthdays with their loved ones.

What are birthdays to me, you ask?

A day you feel overwhelmed. A day of bipolarity. Too happy to be wished by someone, too sad that a particular someone didn’t remember it. A day of confusion, chaos and top-notch wishful thinking. A day decorated with cakes, balloons, and my favorite kind of drugs – people and pot. A day when my friend from the other side of the world calls me to ask how am I doing. – “As good as I can” – I’d say. A day when my timeline is filled with wishes from acquaintances and strangers who I had honestly forgotten existed. A day of joy and sick thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love birthdays.

And this year, I want to love me more and do things that please me more. I’m going to be a better version of myself. I hope that thought translates into real time actions.

For now, you may enjoy the first gif that I ever made. A GIF of me.


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