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Things I Want My Lover To Know

#NoMansSky by NVIDIA United Kingdom
I want to explore my lover’s mind, body and soul in a way that lasts me a life time.

I want to know him completely yet not all at once.

I want him to reveal himself to me during the time we get high, when we make love, in the moments of silence or when we go grocery shopping together.

I want to discover the low and the high phases of my lover. The times when he’s so happy that he cries and so sad that he does the same but differently.

I want to be able to hold his hands and look him into the eyes while he tells me a million stories without breaking the serenity of the silence between us.

I want my lover to scream and shout and let it all out. I want to be a silent spectator to that beautiful mayhem.

I want to feel his hair, his scars and know what he smells like for if I ever go blind and he goes mute, I’d know he’s around and a mere touch could be a validation.

I want to know what my lover fantasizes about and even if it’s not me at times, I want to let him know it’s okay and it doesn’t change my love for him.

I want to know my lover’s story before I entered his life like it was a story in a novel. Detailed and sometimes, uneventful but important nonetheless.

I want to know about his sufferings but also let him know that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to talk about it.

I want to know what my lover loves to eat. I want to learn how to cook it for him when the extreme kind of emotions take over.

I want my lover to know that even though I haven’t always been there, my heart has always been with him even if my mind was away, distracted and lost.

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