Love, Poetry

I Live To Love

How are you this cruel?

Who are you even?

How did everything change so fast, for the worse?

Ever since I have grown up,

I’m repeatedly told to be okay to be by myself.

I’m made to believe that I can love better if I love myself better, first.

I agree.

But, what are these rules?

What if I want to love someone while I also teach myself to love myself?

What if I have so much space for love that an internet cloud would shy away in front of it?

But, maybe you’re gone.

Gone for the best.

Perhaps, there wasn’t any love ever, like you said the other day.

Perhaps I was wrong and I felt wrong this whole time.

Perhaps my love wasn’t strong enough, this second time round.

Perhaps, it’s for someone who is still to enter my life.

Who knows? Who’ll ever know?

One thing that I’m sure of, though, is that I am alive to love.

I don’t fall into any categories.

I know what I like.

I know what I love.

Nothing can change that. Perhaps, that’s what I feel right now..

So strong, so brilliant.


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