PicMonkey CollageHello. This is Era. I write about feelings and all that emo paraphernalia. I am also really fucking cool. Reports have suggested that the world will kind of melt away into oblivion without me.

The reason I write is because of the fulfillment it embellishes my existence with. I am a hopeless lover of beauty and passion and sometimes I feel like I am nothing more than a consciousness trapped in a painting.

I like to take my shoes off and dance like a freak. I sing too. It doesn’t sound that good but it feels like magic. I draw and paint sometimes. This is the time when I am lost into the ethereal beauty of the entirety of the universe. I feel nothingness. I love to run. my lungs ache,
my heart pounds,
my head swirls,
my eyes blur,
and my bones creak.
But running is the only time when you can do everything happening in your head
And let it all go.

This blog right here is a euphoric and “meh type” out pour of the escapades of a 20-something ridiculously confused, cool person living in several places but home is where the heart lies, right? 🙂

Ps: I think emoticons are important.


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